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Posted on 2014/4/22 8:05:04

Got the Sonnyboo Podcast on my metaphor of Construction done. It took a few hours. I took a break at one point, walked a few miles while the sun was still shining and the temperature was perfect. Balance. The key to life resides in finding this balance between my obsessive side and making sure I take care of myself physically. On to the next few items in my queue.

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Posted on 2014/4/21 6:26:59

Domesticity interrupted creativity! Since I had been so busy, I had no time to clean house and with the windows open, weather spectacular, I did some long walks and started the degermination of New Rossdonia. The Sonnyboo Podcast remains unfinished at this time. Since my workload has suddenly plummeted, I will be able to work on this in a lot in the first half of the week.

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Posted on 2014/4/19 8:14:14

As some things slow down, the good stuff speeds up. Yesterday was the first light day Iíve had in over a month and today is the first day off Iíve had in 5 weeks. We shot a new podcast yesterday. I threw something together that is important, and not originally planned. Iíve found a new source for material for these things that I had forgotten about. I think the Sonnyboo Podcast will become my legacy long after I am gone.

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Posted on 2014/4/15 7:59:35

What an odd contradictory happenstance! I am completely burned out, minimal sleep, near non-stop work with no time off, and yet the waterfall of ideas flow near-constantly. I canít keep up, as in Iíve lost a few of these since I had no way to write the ideas down. As it is, got another Sonnyboo Podcast written and ready to record this week, later on after the workload eases.

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Posted on 2014/4/14 12:05:30


now playing in Columbus Channel 34.2 over the air, Time Warner channel 96, Insight channel 190, and WOW channel 150 - check out the TV show on filmmaking in Ohio!, new episodes have started airing!

FRAMELINES, all new episodes

Mondays 12:30PM and 8:30PM

Tuesdays 4:30AM

Saturdays 10:30AM and 6:30PM

Sundays 2:30AM

now listed in TV GUIDE!

Posted on 2014/4/14 6:21:42

Now that the main thrust of my national ad campaign winds down, time to put my mind to work on the next several projects. Most especially, the more ambitious ones. Sure, I have 2-3 other work projects and a class still, but my lord do I want to start getting busy making my own things soon. The UNCLE PETE shoot did nothing but increase my appetite for making more content.

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Posted on 2014/4/12 8:23:00

It almost didnít happen. I had an attack of gout, the national ad campaign was in full uploads with a tight deadline, I needed sleep, and yet - we came together and decided to just go ahead and shoot. After 6 years, we shot several new UNCLE PETEíS PLAYTIME clips. George Caleodis embodied the character, I dusted off the pinwheel hat, and Joe setup and shot the entire thing. I was limping, using a cane to get into the studio, but we did it.

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Posted on 2014/4/11 4:57:50

FINALLY! Weíre shooting Uncle Pete Phase Two today! We prelit the greenscreen and did some basic setup yesterday. George flew in from LA, Iíve dusted off the pinwheel hat, and itís time to make with the funny. Hereís another in a long line of material I am stockpiling for 2014. Goodbye sleep, Iíve got movies to make.

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Posted on 2014/4/9 18:08:49

Every time I see a potential slowdown, more paid work flows in. Iím barely sleeping at night at it is. I have uploads to do, After Effects animation to produce, scripts to revise, shotlists to work on, and cats that get more than a little restless without attention. Sheesh! Who spoiled these things? Some new posters arrived which make me happy. They arenít as high a quality as the banners, so I donít think Iíll repeat order from this vendor.

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Posted on 2014/4/8 7:24:35

Sleep does not come to me easily when so much is left undone. Getting out this most basic of Sonnyboo Podcast gave me so much relief. I put in a minimal amount of effort and even thought into it. The animations are rudimentary, and the statements so basic that it was almost not worth it, but then there is something the content that I feel passionate about.

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Posted on 2014/4/6 7:12:24

Carving out time for myself is so hard at the moment. Iíve got so much work to do, miraculously paid work at the moment, which does NOT suck. What does suck is not having time to do anything for me. I shot a new podcast on Friday with the express purpose of getting it done ASAP just to have something new. It was written and shot with minimal work, and yet I cannot help but do a few new things.

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Posted on 2014/4/4 22:06:30

Over the next 6 weeks, analysts will want to take note. There are 3 comic book movies - all major sequels and all based on Marvel characters coming out. CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 (Disney/Marvel), AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (Sony/Columbia), and X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (20th Century Fox). I think all 3 will do very good business domestic and foreign.

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Posted on 2014/4/2 16:02:52

Ideas creep up unexpectedly. In the car on the way to the Columbus Adobe Userís Group, a new Sonnyboo Podcast occurred to me and as soon as I got to the location, I wrote down the entire thing. These simple :90 second podcasts donít take long to shoot and I like to re-write them a few times before getting on the greenscreen.

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Posted on 2014/3/31 10:29:56

FINALLY! Something worked the way it was supposed to. Adobe Media Encoder has been sometimes buggy. Youíre supposed to be able to load up an entire queue of a hundred videos to get encoded for the web, then go away and come back hours later and magically they are done. That hasnít worked for me in years, but I finally licked it and got it to work (by deleted a surround sound encoder file). Now, I can load up a lot of videos and get some damn rest. If only my new mattress had worked as magically...

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Posted on 2014/3/29 8:09:36

About the only way I could be creative yesterday was printing already designed DVD inserts for FRAMELINES and also long delayed postcards. I did also order four 6 foot banners for only $10 each, two for FRAMELINES, one for Sonnyboo, and another one. They were on sale and for the upcoming conventions and events, I think these will do wonders for the vendor table.

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Posted on 2014/3/28 8:23:06

Last night, forgot my laptop at school. Instead, I had a pen and a notepad. Shockingly, I wrote down exponentially more ideas that way than I would have if I had typed them into Google Docs. From marketing ideas, shooting notes, potential locations, brand new ideas, scenarios for scenes, priorities for production order, and even a little revenge; a ton of ideas flowed, almost because I was without the distractions of the internets.

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Posted on 2014/3/27 7:54:59

Just got a fabulous email from a film student in Australia saying that he just saw one of my videos from FRAMELINES in his class. Positively surreal to have my fat face showing up in classrooms in another hemisphere and continent! Submitted FRAMELINES to two more contests. I donít even like competition, but I want the show to get seen more.

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Posted on 2014/3/25 11:05:50

Screened the Cell Phone Monologues last night. Had a blast with some old friends too. Packed house, lots of good movies, mostly from the younger set (entirely except for me). I just want to see my movies on the big screen. I detest the competitive side of things and couldnít care less about beating someone else. I think everyone puts way too much emphasis on the sport of it. Then again. I already made a podcast about me feelings, sarcastic posts aside.

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Posted on 2014/3/23 7:40:06

I am struggling mightily with this concept known as ďjealousyĒ. I do not understand it. It is not something I have experienced. I know envy, in the not detrimental ďOh, I wish I had that or could do thatĒ way. I do not get it. Where does animosity and anger come into play? What connects someone elseís success or failures to my own? Why does something I am doing evoke any kind of emotion in someone else? These things perplex me.

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Posted on 2014/3/21 22:37:56

Went to the Colony Film Festival in Marietta Ohio. I love this festival, one of my all time favorites. I spoke there in 2011 as a guest speaker. If you have an hour or so and need to enter a coma, or feel somewhat suicidal, you can see a video of that here. Last night I went here with the lovely Elizabeth McPherson who co-wrote and starred in the Cell Phone Monologues.

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